In 2020 the City of Des Moines Parks and Recreation Department was ranked #34 in the nation by the Trust for Public Lands. This association rates Cities based on access, investment, acreage, and amenities. Our Department is incredibly proud of this national ranking and we want to do more to showcase all of the cool programs, rentals, parks, etc that we offer to the public.

To better do this, we are asking for some help from the public. If you love taking pictures and are interested in volunteering to help us out, we would appreciate it.

We are looking for a few types of help:

1.) We could use help simply capturing our Park and Trail system. If you are frequently out and about, we would love to see the pictures that you take of our Parks and Trails.
2.) Programs, if you can show up at some of our events and programs to take pictures, would be greatly appreciated. We would be able to provide a schedule that would include dates, times, and locations of upcoming events.
3.) Shelters, we want help updating our shelter offerings online to include a virtual tour of them. We would provide you with the equipment necessary to go into the shelter and take the virtual pictures for us to upload.

There are no shifts available at this time.

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